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In this modern electonic world, credit card has became a must have tool for every one. You can make the payment easily with your credit card even if you have no cash at your hand. Nevertheless, it is widely been accepted, convenient and efficient.


One can have minimum 1 credit cards and normally up to 3 or 4 credit cards from different banks with its different usage and benefits. However, most of the cardholders are not fully utilize or fully aware on its credit card's privileges. 


How Start...


The founder have 5 - 6 credit cards on hand from different banks, it will need to surf for all 6 bank's website in order to have knowledge of the promotions, discounts, privileges that offers by particular bank. Apparently that this was troublesome and time consuming.


With the idea of a site where cardholders able to search for on-ongoing promotions, discounts and privileges from all banks raised and subsequently started.


Hopes to bring this convenient to all cardholders in search the best offer for the restaurant that you dine in; shop that you do your shopping; best travelling deal; worst for money beuty & spa offers and alots more.


Future... is a new site and we are continuosly improve it to bring you a more user friendly, advance and useful tool. 

With this, let's fully make use of your credit card privileges and bring yourselves a fruitfull life. Find Credit Card promotions and discount at one place!

We welcome your suggestion and comment for further improvement.