Hong Leong Fortune Cash Back Credit Card
Hong Leong Fortune Cash Back Credit Card

Cash Rebate

  • 1% cash back for every Ringgit spent on the total posted Ringgit amount of retail purchases (local and international) charged to the card.


Other's Benefit

  • Additional Cash Earnings on card's anniversary
  • Total annual retail spending of
    • RM 38,000 and above you will get RM 280 cash back.
    • RM 68,000 and above you will get RM 880 cash back.
    • RM 108,000 and above you will get RM 1800 cash back 


Eligibility & Requirements

  • Minimum income of RM 24, 000 per annum
  • Age 21 and above


Annual Fee

  • Waived for minimum of 12 retail transactions or RM8,000 retail spend a year.
  • Principle card annual fee RM 169.60.

This is an example of how your Real Cash Earnings can grow in a year.

Monthly retail spending RM3,500
Monthly Real Cash Earnings (capped at RM50 per month) RM35
Total retail spending in one year RM42,000
Total Real Cash Earnings in one year RM420
Extra Real Cash Earnings received on your credit card's anniversary RM280
Total interest earned (no withdrawals made from earnings account) RM6.03
Total Real Cash Earnings RM420 + RM280 + RM6.03 = RM706.03
Posted on 10-Mar-2016